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A Bold Vision For A Better San Francisco


    I'm fed up with the way the city is run, and you should be too. As someone with family roots going back five generations in San Francisco, I love this city, its history, and the spirit of hope and progress that it has always embodied. I'm heartbroken and frustrated by the suffering and despair that I've witnessed out on the streets for the 12 years that I've lived here, and I'm saddened and angered by the impacts of rampant crime and lawlessness on friends and loved ones trying to raise a family or struggling to keep a small business afloat. I have done what I could to donate my time and money to support nonprofits that are trying to address these issues, but ultimately it is just a drop in the bucket.

    Our problems are numerous and complex. We need serious and capable leaders who are focused on finding and implementing the right solutions, not career politicians bickering with each other to get press coverage or making sure they're at every event with a photo-op. As a scientist and engineer, I have a proven track record of analyzing complex systems, figuring out the root causes of critical issues, and assembling and leading the right team to solve them. I'm confident I could do the same for San Francisco. I'm here to address the deep-rooted issues we've faced for decades.

    We can't keep applying the same old partial band-aid "fixes" that haven't worked and expect real change. It's time for bold, transformative ideas that have been proven to work in other places around the country and the world. I believe in transparent and collaborative approaches to governance, and I will work tirelessly to engage all stakeholders in implementing these solutions. San Francisco deserves fundamental reforms and unified leadership, not the same old rhetoric and fighting. Together, we can create a city that lives up to its potential and gives everyone the opportunity to live their best life.




  • At least 20,000 San Franciscans will experience homelessness this year

  • Poverty, drug abuse, mental illness, mismanaged resources, and a lack of affordable housing all contribute

  • A public health crisis that has existed for decades and is a drain on the city’s resources


Open-air Drug Use/Dealing

  • Every day, 2 people die of a drug overdose on the streets of San Francisco

  • Drugs are too readily available, and there’s no effective approach to mitigating public use

  • Putting our children in danger and severely impacting the livelihood of our small businesses



  • A car break-in occurs every 30 minutes, an assault or robbery every 2 hours, a rape every 2 days, and a murder every week

  • Insufficient early intervention, lack of enforcement and prosecution, and lack of rehabilitation cause crime to persist

  • Current approach to crime prevention is ineffective, wastes tax money, and causes a generational tragedy

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